Weekly House Cleaning Checklist


Here is the boiled down version of the system. 

Easy Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

_____ Spray shower/tub walls with daily shower spray, or squeegee them down.
_____ Wipe down bathroom counter(s).
_____ Clear the kitchen sink every night. Wipe down counters.
_____ Keep clothes picked up.
_____ Keep mail and papers picked up.
_____ Try to do a load of laundry daily.


2X Week:
_____ Take out garbage and newspapers.
_____ Water plants.
_____ Feather Dust


_____ Vacuum and Clean floors.
_____ Dust
_____ Wipe refrigerator, range-hood, stove, microwave, counters and cabinets. Rinse out garbage can.
_____ Clean shower and tub and shine it up. If needed, spray grout lines and shower curtain with Clorox Clean-up to control mildew.
_____ Clean toilet, sink, counters and mirrors.
_____ Touch up vacuum as needed.


Get the full system here

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