What do you like best when your bathroom is clean?

Clean BathroomHow do you feel when your bathroom is clean?

Do you admire how shiny everything is?

Does it make you feel a peacefulness?

Has it been so long since its been clean that you've forgotten?

I did a one time clean in a house once. We typically don't do one time cleans. They are usually horrendous! And this one was no exception. 

I spent a couple of hours just cleaning the husband's bathroom – top to bottom. It was horrible. But I managed to get it clean. I got a phone call as soon as I got home. She was estatic. She said that the bathroom has not been that clean since they moved in. 

I told her how she could easily keep it that way. I wonder if she did…

Here's how you can keep your whole house clean without killing yourself >>>


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