Want to change your life? Clean your house

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A dirty house is a major source of mental stress. 

You know it yourself. How to you feel when your house is dirty and cluttered? It doesn't feel very good, right? 

The things that need to be done eat at you whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Most people try to ignore it through distraction, but your brain is not so easily fooled. 

If you take the time to notice, you find that the tension in a dirty home is sky high. You'll also find any number of bad behaviors – 

  • yelling,screaming
  • disrespect for authority
  • drug or alcohol use
  • poor grades
  • poor performance at work
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of ambition


Research shows that an unkept or cluttered environment contributes to – 

  • pychological distress
  • depression
  • behavior problems
  • learned helplessness 
  • poorer mental health

But the good new is that once the home is repaired and cleaned up, mental health improves. 

Think of how it feels when your house is clean. 

  • Its more comfortable
  • You can relax, its calmer
  • You feel a sense of accomplishment and pride
  • You're able to think more clearly
  • It doesn't happen overnight, but your children's behavior will improve. 
  • You're under less stress, which affects your relationship with your kids, your performance at work, and your health. 

When the housee was out of hand, I was short tempered and irritable. That was not very good for my daughter. I didn't want to be one of those moms that was always yelling. But when you have so much stress coming at you from all directions, its hard to control yourself. You lose it. 

Think about how it feels when you walk into a friend's clean house. You just want to hang out there, don't you? Everything seems so much calmer, more relaxed. Peaceful. 

That's why I worked so hard to find a way to keep my house really clean. I was a working single mom which is a load of stress in itself. I needed my home to be my refuge. 

It took a long time to get my house cleaning system down, buit once I did – keeping the house clean was a breeze. 

I love coming home and shutting the door on the world. 

My daughter's friends were always respectful in our house. They were allowed to play and hang out. But they weren't allowed to destroy the place, and they had to put things away when they were done with them. Since they wanted to hang out here, they did it. It was a safe and fun environment and they didn't want to lose it. 

I urge you to give it a try. Get the house clean and see how you feel. 

My house cleaning system will help you keep the house clean in just minutes a day. Once you get into the habit, it is so easy to keep your house clean. It saved my life. 

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Source – https://www.academia.edu/471564/The_effect_of_the_physical_environment_on_mental_wellbeing


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